Welcome to KRPC

KRPC logoKRPC is located in Ealing in west London, at 68 Bramley Road where we share the club range with the Bramley Road Joint Clubs Association. Club night is every Wednesday from 19:00 to 22:00. Afterwards we usually nip to the pub over the road for a pint and a chat.

The club has a variety of .22 rifles and long-barrel pistols, together with air pistols and air rifles.

We are affiliated to the London & Middlesex Rifle Club at Bisley where we store our .308 and .223 Club rifles, and our fine muzzle loading revolvers. We regularly hire time on the Bisley ranges, and full KRPC members are encouraged to join us, whether you are an experienced shooter or a complete beginner.

The club also organises trips to shoot pistols at ranges in France and Belgium, as well as wild boar and deer hunting trips to the continent if that takes your fancy.

So if you think you might like to join our small, friendly band, get in contact and we will give you a warm welcome!